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Split Test Calculator & Decision Tool

The calculator below can be used to interpret the results of a usability-oriented split (A/B) test. This is a basic scenario where you have two groups of Visitors (A & B) who each get to see one version of your website and for whom you track the number of Conversions or Goals (purchases, downloads, click-throughs, etc.).

Simply enter the number of unique Visitors for each group and total Goals or Conversions for that group below, and click [Calculate] for your results.

   Visitors:  Goals:
 Group A: 
 Group B: 

This calculator is based on the Chi-Square2) statistic. There are, admittedly, other Chi-Square calculators out there, so what makes this one different?

  • Usability-oriented language
  • Automatic calculation of Conversion Rates
  • Clear explanations of results
  • Confidence levels for significant results
  • Suggestions for tests that haven't reached significance