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Can I Hire You?

I am currently employed full-time at Moz, and am not taking on outside projects or long-term clients. I am available for limited consultations, but please be aware that my current rate is $300/hour. If you're looking for larger-scale or ongoing SEO help, I recommend the following service providers:

Portent Interactive

If you're on (or near) the West Coast, Seattle-based Portent is a great, full-service internet marketing agency. I have a ton of respect for Ian and his team, and I think they're underpriced for the value they provide. Portent has strong people on both the organic and paid search teams.

Seer Interactive

For you East-Coast folks, Philadelphia-based Seer is another medium-sized agency with big-agency skills. The founder, Wil Reynolds, is one of my personal SEO heroes. In addition to SEO and PPC services, Seer has produced some amazing content campaigns in the past couple of years.

Alan Bleiweiss

Many people contact me for technical SEO issues, such as enterprise-level crawl problems, canonicalization, etc. Among independent, forensic SEOs, Alan is one of the best, and he's an expert at technical site audits.