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Guide: The 30 Day Budget

July 7, 2011 — By Dr. Pete

While I was bombarding you with daily writing challenges during #Trust30, I somehow managed to finish 30GO30's first free guide. I'm happy to announce The 30 Day Budget, a workbook designed to change the way you think about money. Click the image below to download (444KB PDF):

The 30 Day Budget

The 30 Day Budget is a set of challenges, both 30-day challenges and a series of 10-day challenges broken into 3 sections. The 3 major sections are:

(1) Days 1-10: No Emotion

Learn to remove the emotion from financial decisions and face some hard truths. The first 10 days is probably the toughest. If you can make it through this part, you've got a chance.

(2) Days 11-20: Them Apples

Learn to compare apples to apples and question your sacred spending cows. Budgeting is just math, in theory, but somehow we find plenty of ways to cheat.

(3) Days 21-30: The Choices

This is really the entire point of the guide, but I save it for last to ease you in. Learn to make money decisions consciously. Choose what you spend and don't spend money on.

The challenge starts Monday.

This is a read-it-as-you-go guide, more workbook than textbook. Although the 30 Day Budget is based on my own journey, I'm going to practice what I preach and put myself through it again. It starts Monday, and I'll recap each 10-day section. If you want to join me, just chime in below.